Whether moving production equipment across the floor or across town, our primary concern is to minimize your downtime. All such moves require a considerable degree of pre-planning, coordinating and scheduling.

Trade Electrical has extensive experience in industrial equipment re-locations, and has the expertise to assist you in the following areas;

  •  Determine the new physical mechanical configuration of the equipment to be relocated. This often provides opportunity to upgrade, consolidate or expand operations.
  • We assess your new power distribution requirements and anticipate future growth.
  • Determine and integrate the schedule of both them mechanical and electrical disconnecting, relocation and re-installation.
  • Execute the dis-connection and re-installation, ensuring that appropriate manpower and resources are available to minimize downtime.

We have the experience and resources to optimize schedules, assist you with the commissioning and ensure a smooth restart-up of your operation.

Trade Electrical also designs and implements power and control systems for material  handling installations.

Our experience, gained through many types of material handling projects, provides a solid electrical and mechanical understanding of requirements. This enables us to develop the appropriate control system for your project's specific needs.

  •  Motor control - the design, assembly and installation of motor control centres and panels.
  • Flow control - the sequencing and synchronizing of a combination of conveyors and material handling devices using various sensing components.
  • Sorting systems - the design control logic systems and selection of devices.
  • Wiring and installation - the installation of motors, flow control sensing and sorting devices, along with PLC's where appropriate.
  • Field assistance - servicing of production and distribution systems.