Over the years, our experience in many diversified industries has developed and broadened our troubleshooting skills. This enables us to solve many electromechanical faults as well as electrical problems. Our skilled technicians regularly service and maintain a wide variety of equipment;

  •  Main electrical drives and related motor control devices.
  • Operating control systems and their related monitoring, metering and sensing devices.
  • Production and warehouse conveying systems

With motors and associated controls, costly unpredictable downtime can minimize through regular preventive maintenance such as;

  •  Motor inspection and internal cleaning.
  • Brush replacements.
  • Commutator dressing.
  • Cabinets and drive modules cleaning.

Trade Electrical can improve the efficiency, reliability and capacity of your production systems with proper upgrades including;

  •  Improved sensors and motors to provide more accurate, finite control.
  • Faster reacting control and drive devices.
  • Installations of programmable logic components.